Wednesday, June 2, 2010


UTF has made PRC 2010 Pay Fixations easy. UTF has prepared 4 different Softwares for your convenience. Just Download these friendly programmes, fill the required columns, and get the necessary Option form, Appendix, Annexures, Pay Bill, Proceedings, Increment Certificates etc. immediately.

You can download and work any of these 4 programmes according to your choice and need.

Employees with Basic Pays Rs.13750,16925,19675,22800,29250 are advised to give OPTION to their Increment date.

UTF PRC 2010 Software KarimNagar DOWN LOAD
UTF PRC 2010 Software East Godavari DOWN LOAD
UTF PRC 2010 Software Hyderabad DOWN LOAD
UTF PRC 2010 Software Nellore DOWN LOAD