Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Plan of Action & Guidelines for Engaging Vidya Volunteers for the year 2010-11

State Project Director RVM(SSA) has issued detailed guidelines and plan of action for engaging the services of Vidya Volunteers in the academic year 2010-11, vide his Proc.RC.No.97/RVM/SSA/B7/2010,dt.28.05.2010.
AP RVM (SSA) Hyderabad – Engaging the services of VidyaVolunteers for the academic year 2010-11 – Communication of Plan of Action and Guidelines – Regarding.  DOWN LOAD
In the Plan of Action, School-wise requirement of Vidya Volunteers in primary schools shall be worked out as per Right to Education Act, 2009 based on the strength of children as shown below:
Upto 60 students :  2 teachers or VV
         61-90         :  3 teachers or VVs
         91-120       :  4 teachers or VVs
If the enrolment is more than 120, the requirement may be calculated @ 1 teacher or VV for every 40 students thereafter.
Rajiv Vidya Mission, Andhra Pradesh - Plan of Action for positioning of Vidya Volunteers during the
year 2010-11.  DOWN LOAD