Friday, June 25, 2010

Authority for Sanctioning the Maternity Leave

Maternity Leave has been increased to 180days(06months) in RPS 2010. Usually MEOs and HS HMs are Sanctioning authorities of Maternity Leave. As per G.O.Ms.No.70,Edn.,(Ser.V)Dept.,dt.06.07.2009, MEOs and HS HMs can sanction leave up to 04 months only. If the Leave Period exceeds 04 months, Dy.EO can sanction up to 06 months. Hence, as per the above G.O, Now Maternity Leave should be sanctioned by Dy.EO but not MEO or HS HM.
G.O No.70,dt.06.07.2009 is placed below for your study and understanding.

School Education Department – Repatriation of the teachers working on deputation to their parent department and return from leave – Posting Orders to the teachers on return from leave - Modified Orders – Issued. DOWN LOAD