Thursday, March 11, 2010

D.O.Lr.No.16047,dt.25.2.10 of Fin.,Dept., regarding New Pension Scheme

All Employees who are recruited on or after 01.09.2004 have to come under the New Pension Scheme.
In the D.O.Lr.No.16047-C/22/NPS/2009, dated 25.02.2010 of the Fiance (Pension-I) Department, Government has extended the date of apply for PRAN up to 31.03.2010. Government has directed all the Drawing & Disbursing Officers to complete the registration of Employees for PRAN before 31.03.2010.
Government has also instructed the Drawing & Disbursing officers to furnish the past recoveries of these Employees up to 01.04.2010 immediately on war foot basis.

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